112 W Lincoln St, Lindsborg, KS 67456


This is a love story. The setting is Lindsborg, Kansas 1967. The characters are two college students attending Bethany College. The leading lady, Marty, grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas with two older brothers. Marty’s decision to attend Bethany College was a tender one. Marty’s mom had attended an event at Bethany and fell in love with the campus and the small town of Lindsborg, Kansas. After losing her mom at the young age of 17, Marty felt drawn to Bethany as a way to honor her mom and chose a path that she knew her mom would love and encourage. The leading man, Mark, grew up in Golden, Colorado. Mark had an opportunity to visit Lindsborg as a teen for a youth ministry event and it made a strong impression so Bethany College was an easy choice for him. In the fall of 1967, Mark spotted Marty at a basketball game, and it ignited the beginning of their story. 

   When they first met, Marty was a junior studying Education. Mark was a Freshman, studying business and also playing on the Bethany Swedes football team. Two years later, Mark and Marty were married in 1969. Marty taught school at Soderstrom Elementary in Lindsborg for two years while Mark finished his degree. Their first child, Katie, entered their story in 1971 followed by Kristie and then Kim. They moved to Wichita and then to Dallas, Texas where Mark began his own financial planning business. As the business grew, so did the girls. They each married and gave Mark and Marty six grandchildren. In 2018, Mark sold his company and as he likes to say he didn’t retire, he “re-fired”. In the summer of 2018, Mark and Marty bought the old Swedish Country Inn with the desire to renovate it and rename it. 

   For the next year, Mark and Marty poured themselves into the renovation and development of Dröm Sött Inn and celebrated its grand opening in May 2019. The magic that drew Mark and Marty to Lindsborg over 50 years ago is still here: the genuine, kind, and loving people. As our world grows, technology booms and information explodes, the uniqueness of Lindsborg remains. Lindsborg has managed to hold on to the small-town values of yesteryear. Its people know and practice what is truly important: loving the Lord and loving each other all while their unique heritage and customs. Mark and Marty recognize that Lindsborg has something unique that can only be described with the word, HOME. Their desire is to bring new life to Lindsborg and to share this magical place with all those who choose to visit.  Mark and Marty hope that you experience a glimpse into what makes this place special. Enjoy your stay and we wish you dröm sött.