112 W Lincoln St, Lindsborg, KS 67456

A Letter from Our Owner

Have your ever done something that you really had no idea what you were doing? The first time I did was over 53 years ago when I asked Marty to marry me – and that turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! 

Over the years I made some other big decisions that turned out to also be blessings. In 1985 I stepped out and launched my own financial consulting firm in Dallas. I sold it in 2018 after 33 yrs – it was a lot of work, but also a wonderful experience and resulted in providing us with financial independence beyond my wildest dreams.

The 3rd time was in 1994 when I was asked to become the Teaching Leader for a Men’s Bible Study Fellowship class in Dallas. Here I really stepped out in faith. I had been working 5.5 days a week in my business and cut back to 4 so I could prepare my weekly Talks for the 200 men who attended the class. After doing it for 9 years the class had grown to over 600 men and resulted in numerous spiritual and personal blessings.

In 2016 on one of our trips to Colorado we stopped in Lindsborg – It’s always been a Special place to us. While driving around the town we saw a two story house on N Main St across from Swensson Park that was for sale. You guessed it – we bought the house and asked Mike Hogue do some interior remodeling – which he is really good at. 

This was a small but important decision because I developed an interest in buying or starting a business or two to hopefully help the town financially. And, that takes us to our purchase of the boutique hotel in 2018 – we’ve renamed Dröm Sött Inn (Sweet Dreams Inn) in the center of “Downtown.” I guarantee we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into – it’s been quite an adventure. 

We ran it as it was for 6 months and then shut down for 6 months and a did a total remodeling. We had a lot of ideas but no blueprints and luckily Brian Freeman an amazing mechanical craftsman and artist agreed to lead the project. He and the team of 25 workers did a fantastic job. We reopened in May 2019 until the Pandemic hit. We stayed open during it all but had very few guests. Chandra Cooper did a great job with a small staff.

April 2021 business began to pick up and 2022 was our best year so far. Stacey Lott took over as Innkeeper 8/22 and is doing a super job coordinating the 15 staff members. Boy have we learned a lot since June 2018! God has richly provided for the Inn’s needs and blessed us in many ways – especially with the current staff. 

This is critical because Marty and I still live in Texas, we visit The Inn about 10 times a year.  I get the Guest Survey cards for the previous week every Monday and we continually get the highest ratings on our staff. They are the best! But, the most fun we have is visiting with the guests. They love the Inn’s Swedish heritage and trappings, and the food and the special touches. 

Dröm Sött Inn is Some Place Special in this Special small town. If you’ve stayed with us you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, go on line today – and book a room. We’ll treat you to a glass of wine in our one of a kind Wine Shelter. Hope to see you soon!

-Mark Schupbach