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Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! Folks in Lindsborg like to celebrate the Fourth of July with parades, entertainment and concessions. Come join the fun! Here is more information on various activities in Lindsborg. If you haven't celebrated the 4th in Lindsborg before, there is nothing like a small town celebration! Come stay with us and book a room now to be able to enjoy the fun and activities!

Enjoy Bedtime Stories' 10th edition!

From the Owners of Dröm Sött Inn:

Mark and Marty Schupbach, the owners of Dröm Sött Inn, want to say thank you to all of the guests that have shown their support and excitement since the 2019 renovation. It has been their joy to read all the raving reviews you have written. They also love getting to hear the staff talk about the wonderful people that come and share fun stories with them over breakfast or as they sit in the lobby in front of the fireplace. (Pictured above). They hope you come back often! You might occasionally see them eating breakfast with guests and introducing themselves to them. They love meeting you and are so grateful to all of you!

We’re going to the chapel and we’re going to get married… 

Dröm Sött Inn wants to make your wedding week/weekend as special as possible. Look at this beautiful bride on the stairs of the inn!  Did you know that you may rent out the entire inn for your wedding party? There are 18 fabulous rooms and the VIP Suite is perfect for getting ready and used as a gathering place.  The key is to book early to guarantee we have the space available.  See more pictures below of how both Lindsborg and Dröm Sött Inn can be the perfect place to get married. Coronado Heights, Sundstrom Convention Center, and the Sandzen Museum are all places to help celebrate. There are also some beautiful churches in town as well. Thank you to the bride, Racquel Otero, for the pictures. You can find the photographer by using @kristinelisephoto on Instagram and Facebook.

Bedtime Stalling Tactics…Send us your photos! 

We love seeing pictures of your trips to Lindsborg while staying at the inn. Please send us any pictures that we could include in our newsletter or on our social media pages. Thank you! And be sure to follow @dromsottinn on Instagram & Facebook!

Look forward to seeing you soon at Dröm Sött Inn! Make plans now to get your Swedish experience in Lindsborg, Kansas. Book now… Little Sweden, USA awaits!

Midsummers Festival


It’s time for the Midsummers Festival!

If you are new to Lindsborg or Swedish traditions, our hope is that this Dröm Sött Inn newsletter will help you get familiar with some of the fun Swedish traditions that are kept alive in the town of Lindsborg, Kansas.   Keep reading to learn about a fun tradition that will be celebrated June 10-12. This is a perfect time to come and visit (and stay with us!) as it is the Midsummers Festival.   


Enjoy Bedtime Stories’ 9th edition!

Midsummers Events:

  •  5K run or 2 mile walk
  • Food and Craft demonstrations
  • Kubb Tournament (what is this?)
  • Entertainment downtown
  • Raising of the maypole
  • Here is the full calendar of events

Are you asking yourself, “What is Midsummer?” It is the time when Swedes welcome in the season of summer and the midnight sun. As you can imagine, it is very cold for a very long period of time in Sweden. Swedes are ready to play outdoors and enjoy the outside weather. What better way to welcome it than with a festival? Lindsborg has an entire website dedicated to the Midsummer’s Festival. Check it out here.

Have you ever wondered what else you can do at Dröm Sött Inn besides getting a restful night’s sleep and shower with charming shower curtains?

Here are a couple of ideas: First, each morning you get breakfast. Either one in the dining room or a “To Go” breakfast. Pictured below is the Swedish breakfast option. For those that don’t want pickled herring and beets for breakfast, we also offer an American option each day as well. Second, after dinner, grab your travel companions and enjoy your complimentary glass of wine while you play a game of cards in the one and only “Wine Shelter”. If there is a movie or ball game you’d like to watch while in the shelter, just log in to whatever streaming service you have and watch the tv that is down there too! Here is a picture of recent guests playing music and cards while enjoying a glass of wine. 

Bedtime Stalling Tactics…Look at this lovely shower curtain!

A recent guest, who is a true Swede and lived in Sweden many years of her life, took this picture of the shower curtain in her king bedroom and shared it with us. She loved all the authentic Swedish touches in the inn. We want you to love them too. Please send us any pictures you have taken by responding to this email with pictures attached that we can either use in the newsletter or on Facebook. We’d love to highlight guests’ favorite things!


Happy Memorial Day


Our hope is that our monthly newsletter will give you a small taste of Swedish culture as well as peak your interest in our inn as well as the town of Lindsborg, Kansas.

Enjoy Bedtime Stories’ 8th edition!

This month we celebrate Memorial Day and remember all those who have given their lives so that we can live freely in a country that is like none other. We are also grateful for anyone who has served The United States of America whether in the military or as a first responder.  THANK YOU!

Swedish word of the month – mor

“Mor” means “mother” in Swedish.  This month on Sunday, May 8, is Mother’s Day. The staff and owners at Dröm Sött Inn want to give our appreciation and say thank you to all moms. We hope you take a moment to celebrate all the mothers in your life. Contact the inn to purchase a gift certificate for that special mother you would like to thank!

Have you heard of the Midnight Sun?

What is the Midnight Sun? This is when the sun never sets in Sweden. This phenomenon starts in May and goes through mid-July. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the sun? This can really confuse the sleep rhythm of travelers whose bodies are not used to light at night, but what a unique experience! Here, you can learn more about Midnight Sun. One of the most popular Midnight Sun festivals is Midsummer’s Day. Midsummer’s Day celebration is June 11 in Lindsborg. It is typically the 3rd weekend of June so plan on that if you want to travel to Sweden for it. However, Little Sweden, USA is the perfect place to celebrate this year! More about Midsummer’s Day will be in the June newsletter but NOW is the time to book your room at Dröm Sött Inn for the weekend of June 10-12!  Check out the continuous countdown for Lindsborg’s celebration here.

Bedtime Stalling Tactics…

Yes, there are still more fun shower curtains to share!

This shower curtain is fun, colorful, and sure to set the tone of your entire bathroom. Don’t forget to check out the selection of shower curtains for purchase in the butik next time you stay here.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Dröm Sött Inn! Make plans now to get your Swedish experience in Lindsborg, Kansas. Book now… Little Sweden, USA awaits!